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Sedation Dentistry in Madison, West Virginia

Dental Checkup, Sedation Dentistry in Madison, WV

With sedation dentistry from Joseph E. Atkins DDS in Madison, West Virginia, your next visit to the office is anxiety-free. Let our friendly staff provide you with the personalized care you need while eliminating that fear and stress.

Minimizing Fear

If you experience fear before receiving dental services, sedation dentistry may be the solution for you. This revolutionary procedure minimizes fear, so you can maintain healthy teeth and gums without worry. You first need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Atkins to determine if sedation dentistry is right for you.

The Preferred Method

At Joseph E. Atkins, our preferred method for sedation dentistry is a small pill and nitrous gas. The pill is a sedative that's given to you prior to your appointment and the day of your visit. While you remain conscious during the procedure, you experience a deep sense of relaxation. In fact, many of our patients have little to no recollection of the procedure. You are required to have a ride to and from the office because of the side effects of the sedative.

Call us today at (304) 369-1695 to schedule an appointment for sedation dentistry so you can achieve your ideal smile without anxiety.